FOIL is a group of independent consulting companies operating on the territory of the European Union, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Brazil.

The central interest of FOIL is to increase companies’ efficiency in any business by developing leadership potential of an individual.

FOIL’s projects in business consulting and business education are implemented on the bases of practical experience and innovative scientific research. The research is provided with application of ontopsychological methodology that discovers deep psychological causes of any processes, interrelations and decisions in business. It allows to reveal and eliminate a problem in the short term even at the enterprise with many thousands of employees.

The FOIL project was founded in 2001, in Milan.
Tens of seminars, hundreds of clients, lots of projects – all of it has been comprising FOIL’s successful operational experience for ten years. FOIL – is a consulting group that possess international and domestic experience of various business operation in its arsenal.

FOIL pays particular attention to human factor and leadership role. The last one, in its turn, is considered to be the mind of enterprise and its starting point. Leader constantly stimulates progress in society, brings in revivals and dialectics that trigger evolution.

One of the most important events in FOIL’s life is the opening of the International School of BUSINESS-INTUITION. FOIL, in 2008, that provides exclusive education in the sphere of rational knowledge of intuition and its application in business.

FOIL has been operating on the territory of Russian Federation since 2001.


Management of top-managers

On April, 14-15 the workshopon issues of management «Management of top-managers» took place in Perm. The seminar was organized by FOIL Russia jointly with a consulting company «Nikashin and partners».

Large Hadron Collider and semantic field concept

On April, 11, in Marudo (Italy) a conference «New concept of elementary physics» took place. In the first part of conference the first statement was of professor Sheldon Stone (University Sirakuz, New York, the USA), who presented...
Business School

EMBA.Business Intuition. New intake

On April,7, 8 and 9th, in days of Catholic Easter in Lidzori the first module of new group of Executive MBA Business Intuition for business-owners and Top managers of companies from Russia and former CIS countries took place.

Management and delegation

On March, 24 and 25, in Moscow a two-day module of the Business Start program took place. Subjects of this educational session were questions of management, delegation and staff recruitment.

Women and leadership

On March, 8th, in Rekanto Maestro the International Women's Day was met in the atmosphere of supreme culture. In a big hall of «Antonio Meneghetti's Faculty» cinema-seminar «Women and leadership» has passed.

Business Start: project management and Internet

On February, 4-5, 2012, in the International center of business, management and psychology Niotan (Yekaterinburg) young people from different regions of Russia assembled fortwo-day module of educational program Business Start, devoted to the subject of project management and business promotionin the Internet.

New year. Bernia. From usual to the new.

Someone goes to celebrate them to Maldives, someone - to Seychelles, someone just spend them in Courchevel...New Year is empowered by special magic of "zeroing", opportunity to make a fresh start!
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The story of one of the paintings from the Russian Museum

A short film about one picture. Three throw exact of the paint expressing a formalization of accurate vision...
Antonio Meneghetti

How to understand and manage the generation Y?

The management issues that arise between managers and junior staff in the workplace are not uncommon today. How to resolve them?

Elena Lutikova