FOIL is a group of independent consulting companies operating on the territory of the European Union, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Brazil.

The central interest of FOIL is to increase companies’ efficiency in any business by developing leadership potential of an individual.

FOIL’s projects in business consulting and business education are implemented on the bases of practical experience and innovative scientific research. The research is provided with application of ontopsychological methodology that discovers deep psychological causes of any processes, interrelations and decisions in business. It allows to reveal and eliminate a problem in the short term even at the enterprise with many thousands of employees.

The FOIL project was founded in 2001, in Milan.
Tens of seminars, hundreds of clients, lots of projects – all of it has been comprising FOIL’s successful operational experience for ten years. FOIL – is a consulting group that possess international and domestic experience of various business operation in its arsenal.

FOIL pays particular attention to human factor and leadership role. The last one, in its turn, is considered to be the mind of enterprise and its starting point. Leader constantly stimulates progress in society, brings in revivals and dialectics that trigger evolution.

One of the most important events in FOIL’s life is the opening of the International School of BUSINESS-INTUITION. FOIL, in 2008, that provides exclusive education in the sphere of rational knowledge of intuition and its application in business.

FOIL has been operating on the territory of Russian Federation since 2001.


Opening of the OntoArt Exhibition in Umbria’s National Gallery

On October 22 were opened the exhibition of Antonio Meneghetti’s works in Umbria’s National Gallery (Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria) in one of the oldest Italian places – Perugia, the capital of the Umbrian valley, Raphael’s and Pietro Perugino’s city.


Business-Start Module "How to create a profit?"

In October 15-16, took place the fifth Business-Start module for the group that was assembled in May of this year. The topic of the module was a question of the choice of competitive strategy for one’s own project. Which projects – from small started inside of organizations to the projects oriented towards market - make profit? What is the reason of failure of the real start-ups?


International Workshop "Semantic field" in Niotan

Together with Paolo Garcia and Vladimir Kalyuga students looked into peculiarities of the semantic fields, its effect on humans, ways of reading and many other things.


Video practice "self-sabotage in the unconscious of the entrepreneur"

The mechanisms of self-sabotage made by a person for his life were clearly demonstrated on basis of numerous practical examples from business, politics and personal life.

VideoPracticum as a New Project of Slavonic Association of Ontopsychology

VideoPracticum as a New Project of Slavonic Association of Ontopsychology

On September 10 the new project ‘Videopracticum’ started in the Slavonic Association of Ontopsychology. The topic of the first meeting was the analysis of the lectures in the wake of A. Maneghetti’s residence ‘Intuition. Action. Result.’.
Corporate education

Recruitment to Business-Start Faeton Corporate Program

Knowledge day in Faeton Company took place not on September 1st as it usually happens in Russia, but on September 9th.  


Business Start "Made in Italy"

The 4th module of Business Start on «Made in Italy» topic was held From August,19 to August,22. There were 3 days of acquantances with the best representatives of the trade - starting from small authentic enterprises «Made in Italy» to modern monsters of line production...

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The story of one of the paintings from the Russian Museum

A short film about one picture. Three throw exact of the paint expressing a formalization of accurate vision...
Antonio Meneghetti

How to understand and manage the generation Y?

The management issues that arise between managers and junior staff in the workplace are not uncommon today. How to resolve them?

Elena Lutikova