IsoMaster is the top educational program in the field of practical economy, applied politics, high fashion, aesthetics, psychology and law. It is carried out in different counties for successful entrepreneurs.

 Purpose of the program  - is to develop of top rationality that will help to use personal Intuition for the good of any kind of business.  Principles of the program: 
  • Ontopsychological method that gives understanding of human psychodynamic structure
  • The study of successful businessmen’ experience from different countries
  • The study of bureaucracy that constantly arises on every stage of moulding a Leader’s personality
  • Intuition rational usage training technique
Specialist that underwent IsoMaster training course will be ready to administrate processes in every field, newly organizing business relations and affairs and perceiving people differently.

 Who is IsoMaster? 

IsoMaster from Greek language means “one who can be equal and be in line”. With other words this is “a master who can be equal to his project”. This is a leader that never mistakes in economy or politics.
The most important for IsoMaster is balance and abidance to order of actions. IsoMaster is business metaphysics. He always reads dynamic prerequisites of situation, sees internal conflicts of partners and come-and-go people what helps to restore the way it is, use resource base with maximum functionality for the project.

IsoMaster- is someone who is able to monitor large money flows. Money is always there, where there is a man - Iso Master starts a new business, he follows talented people, outstanding personalities and no other way.


Ontology and society

On August, 14th, The XXV Summer University of Ontopsychology, that had taken place in Italy, was finished. As well as all previous Universities this Summer 2012 has been conducting under the protection of the Presidency of Italian Republic , The Senate of the Republic, Ministry of cultural heritage and cultural activity of Italy, Commune of Assisi, Government of Umbria region, Perugia provinceand others.

FOIL Symposium on the 30th International congress on psychology in Cape town

An international consulting group FOIL was presented on the Congress with a separate symposium «Education during life: contribution of ontopsychology», which was a part of the section on organizational psychology and leadership. Pamela Bernabey(FOIL Italy) and Wesley Laserda(FOIL Brasil) were conducting the symposium.

Management psychology and human resources work

On July, 14-15, in Bernia, one of ecobiological center near the Saint Petersburg,residence on the subject of management psychology and human resources work took place

«Meneghetti award - 2012»: rewarding of winners

On June, 6 in Moscow, in Round hall of House of Unions (the Okhotny Ryad) the solemn ceremony of rewarding the laureates of the International competition of scientific studies among young scientists «Meneghetti award - 2012» took place. The competition was organized by the scientific fund of «Antonio Meneghetti»(Moscow) in collaboration with the scientific magazine «Alma Mater»(Higher school bulletin).

An open search of perfectionis in art

On June, 2-3 in the Onto-Art gallery in Kiev the Antonio Meneghetti seminar consisted of series of lectures on the subject «Art is an open search of new perfection», took place. During two days the subject of study among young artists, professionals and simple fans was a modern art...

Corporate culture and staff

On May, 26-27 the next module of program EMBA of Business Schools FOIL too place in the center Digital October. The module was dedicated to the issues of corporate culture and human resources management.

Russian culturedays

For most of Brazilians and Italians it was the first visit to Russia, about which they heard only according to somebody’s words. That’s why, to give an opportunity Brazil and Italy to know about real Russia, not a severe cold country, the Slavic association of ontopsychology Russian culture days were organized.
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The story of one of the paintings from the Russian Museum

A short film about one picture. Three throw exact of the paint expressing a formalization of accurate vision...
Antonio Meneghetti

How to understand and manage the generation Y?

The management issues that arise between managers and junior staff in the workplace are not uncommon today. How to resolve them?

Elena Lutikova